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Where Creative Ideas Rise

Located at 10 Sunray Street, Unit 13 in Whitby. Across the street from Landmark Theatre!

Hourly Rates (See what's included below)

1 Hour: $100

2 Hours: $200

3 Hours or more: $75/Hour 

What's Included?

What's Included

White Cyclorama Wall


Studio Lighting

Curved White Wall & Floor

Fresh Paint Extra (see add-on's)

Lights On Manfrotto Rail System


• Overhead Lights

• LEDGO G260 Magic Hue RGB 

LEDGO LG-S150MC Studio Stream Bi-Colour

• Godox AD 600 Pro Strobe Light

Glam / Makeup Room

About Studio

300 inch Projector

 HDMI Plug In (Bring your own laptop)

Great For Music Video Visuals,

Creative Photography, Presentations etc. 

Hollywood Mirror Lighting

 Steamer, Makeup Station

Clothing Rack to Hang Outfits



 Stocked Coffee & Keurig Machine

 Stocked Drink Mini Fridge 

 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Tap

 Kettle, Fridge & Freezer

Ground Level Garage Door


 This Is How We Get Cars Inside!

 By default, windows are black-out covered, but can easily be removed

if you require natural light.


Fresh Coat Of White Paint: $75


A Fresh Coat of White Paint is an optional add-on of $75. 

If you are shooting video from the knee up or photography, you probably don't need it. 

Usually productions shooting full body will need it. 

If a fresh coat is not added on, we cannot guarantee the condition of the floor. It may have shoe prints, scuffs, and tire tracks.

Coloured Back Drops: $35 per backdrop


The coloured backdrops are paper on stands.

Approximately 10ft tall by 8 ft wide

Many colours available, please contact to see if we have in stock

Bringing A Car In The Studio: $100


Entering through the Garage Door

Cannot drive over the curve of the wall (we will guide you)

Popping Champagne: $100


Great for music video scenes

This fee is more of a clean up fee as the alcohol sprays everywhere, floor, lights, wall, light rails etc. 

Painting The Entire Cyclorama Wall Green Or Another Colour: $1500


Usually, the paper backdrops or light effects are good enough to achieve a coloured background. Sometimes, a larger coloured space is needed so we do have the option to paint the entire cyclorama wall a different colour.

This is also a great option if you are looking for a large green screen!

The cost includes: Painting Labour, primer, coloured paint, and white paint to paint it back to white

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